About us

Carnal Law Group was founded for one simple, yet very important reason: to put the interests of our clients first, period. While many firms preach this same message, the interests of the firm and the interests of the client are not always aligned. By comparison, the internal structure of traditional firms is primarily based upon a billable approach and attorneys are rewarded or penalized based upon the same. We are not a billable centered practice; rather, we are a client centered practice and can prove it.

We analytically measure the success of our firm and each attorney based upon: client feedback, client savings, case closure rate, trial success and involvement in the legal and business community.
Our firm’s internal structure is predicated upon truly understanding the business model, corporate culture, organizational challenges and how we may become part of our clients’ teams. We are in constant communication with our clients to discuss case assessment and litigation strategies, as well as make recommendations and provide insight into every step of the process. We formulate litigation strategies not only based upon the law and facts of each case, but also with the vision to advance our client’s overall organizational goals. As attorneys, we are not only our client’s legal advisors but also their business partners.

We would be honored to be part of your team!